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21.9.2010. (17:10)
SARAJEVO, September 21 (FENA) – Wednesday will be mostly sunny with mild clouding.

Moderately cloudy and sunny weather is expected in Herzegovina. Wind weak to moderate of north and northeastern direction in Bosnia, and moderate to strong of northeastern direction in Herzegovina.

Morning temperature from 2 to 9, in the south to 16, and highest daily from 18 to 24, in the south to 28 degrees.

It will be mostly cloudy in Sarajevo in the morning, with sunny periods during the day. Morning temperature around 6, and highest daily around 20 degrees.

Temperatures at 2 p.m.: Bjelasnica 8, Ivan-sedlo 16, Gorazde, Sokolac, Srebrenica 17, Sarajevo 18, Bihac, Bugojno, Jajce 19, Bijeljina, Gradacac, Prijedor, Sanski Most, Zvornik 20, Banja Luka, Derventa, Doboj, Tuzla 21, Zenica, Drvar 22, Livno 23, Neum, Mostar 24, Trebinje 25, Capljina 27 and Ljubuski 28 degrees.  

Sea temperature in Neum at 2 p.m was 20 degrees, FBiH Hydro-meteorologiccal Institute (FHMZ) reports.

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